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Hardy Laughter … and Your Overall Health

Have you ever been sad, mad, frustrated, sick, depressed, irritated, etc. and then someone said or did something that gave you a real good laugh? How did you feel? Though perhaps not 100% better my guess is still better. The following are 10 reasons of what laughter does for us. For the full article please […]

Happy Face

Tired of putting on the happy mask? Read on… Elizabeth Lee Wurtzel is an American corporate attorney, writer and journalist. She has a B.A. from Harvard College and a J.D. from Yale Law School. She is best known for writing Prozac Nation. She writes at the age of 20 … “I start to feel like […]


“When I have a job I am just trying to get more money to make tomorrow better than today. It is not about giving. … When I work I want to reach my full potential by using and giving from the gifts that I have been given. Even my boss I am to serve.” — […]

“Rise of The Guardians”

In the movie “Rise of The Guardians” there is a scene with Pitch, Jack Frost, and the main human boy, Jamie, that brings the events of the story to a climax. Pitch, the epitome of fear and evil, is coming at Jamie and Jack Frost about to conquer them while speaking words of victory and […]